Any (truely) free email services for smartphones?

Discussion in 'Motorola Q' started by Vurtrue, Dec 10, 2006.

  1. Vurtrue

    Vurtrue New Member

    Any (truely) free email services for smartphones?

    There has to be some email service out there that allows your smartphone to check every such and such time for new emails. All the ones that I have already either you have to have a paid account in order to access the pop3 like that (yahoo for instance) Or you have to manualy go in and check for email (msn hotmail, at least I haven't found an automatic way to get the phone to do it by itself) I just want a nice reliable email service that I can have my phone check for me automatically.

    PS. I had to take my Q back to the verizon store twice because the thing kept bugging out (notifiing me when there is nothing to note me about, sending my text msg before I was done typing it, closeing or switch apps when I was using them ect ect ect.... So I ended up getting a XV-6700.
  2. cap10mark

    cap10mark New Member

    I use gmail on my Q, and it checks it automatically to my time choosing. You can set it for...never, every 15 mins.,every half hour, every hour, every two hours, every six hours or once a day.
    If you need me to send you a gmail referal, please feel free to pm me with your email address.
  3. sss

    sss New Member

    It is free access to Yahoo mail provided by Yahoo. I've been using it for a while in addition to my Exchange account and it works great.
  4. larsdennert

    larsdennert Active Member

    I think Mail2web provides free push service via an exchange server.
  5. Res-Q-Me

    Res-Q-Me New Member

    I use Yahoo mail as well with no fees or issues. Very easy set up, and pushes to my phone nicely.

    Use the link above.
  6. jherm

    jherm New Member

    Yahoo Go pushes email to your phone and will show on the home screen when you have a new email?
  7. sss

    sss New Member

    Yes. You run the installer from a PC and it will put a Yahoo! entry on your home page and in your list of mail boxes.
  8. Pony99CA

    Pony99CA Active Member

    Push E-mail

    I think the question was whether Yahoo Go was a push E-mail system, not how it installed. I'd be surprised if it uses push.

    Getting the mail count to display on the Home screen is easy, though.

  9. jay_envy

    jay_envy New Member

    Yeah I had the same exact problems too! I return it to verizon, got a new one, and it has been working great since.
  10. trent_duke

    trent_duke New Member

    I have Yahoo Go! installed and I am not sure it pushes meaning instantly. I have the settings set to "when needed" and "automatic" meaning it checks or pulls your email to your phone every hour. You can also set it to manual if you wish. And your phone does make a sound indicating new email but does not light up like a txt coming through. The email icon at top of screen shows up and in the middle of the screen says Yahoo(1).

    I will say this...

    When ever I sign up for something online that requires an email, I get an email withing minutes indicating so by whatever company it was.

    I also like the fact that since my home pc is no longer "online," Yahoo Go syncs everything to my phone and vice versa(contact info, calendar, etc) if I use my yahoo account at work pc or parents pc.

    Plus Yahoo Go gives you quick access to things like map directions, wheather, etc. The IM program sucks though since you have to manually check every message being sent to you while logged on.


  11. larsdennert

    larsdennert Active Member

    Someone posted that it adds a yahoo account in the list of accounts which seems to imply it just sets up pop access.
  12. Pony99CA

    Pony99CA Active Member

    Home Screen

    Right, but sss also said "it will put a Yahoo! entry on your home page" (I assume "home page" meant the Home screen). The Yahoo installer could easily install a new Home screen with a plug-in included to display the Yahoo account's unread mail count.

    Installing Wireless Sync does something similar, switching your Home screen and including a new plug-in.

  13. rayson00

    rayson00 New Member

    I have a sprint phone

    I have a sprint phone and yahoo go doesnt work.

    Anybody have any other options with someone that doesnt have yahoo PLUS???

  14. larsdennert

    larsdennert Active Member

    Isn't hotmail free and does push or something?
  15. ms_imajin

    ms_imajin New Member

    I was unable to install this on my phone...any idea why?
  16. ms_imajin

    ms_imajin New Member

    IM tying to figure this one out myself too....

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