Android and Motorola = G11 instead of Q11?

Discussion in 'Moto Q 11' started by jasoraso, Sep 29, 2008.

  1. jasoraso

    jasoraso Member

    Android and Motorola = G11 instead of Q11?

    Maybe we'll see a G11 instead of a Q11?

    I'd be interested in a variant of the Q with Android - if the software is optimized for non-touchscreen use. I feel that with wm6.1 Microsoft has finally got all the quirks out of windows mobile that remained from its touchscreen ancestry. If Android can avoid that pitfall, it might be interesting.
  2. cbusguy23

    cbusguy23 New Member

    I kind of hope they stick with windows, Android seems pretty crappy from early reviews. I know its early so we'll see...
  3. Vazguard

    Vazguard Active Member

    The article doesn't say outright that Motorola plans to release a phone with the OS. Maybe it is looking at software development. But only time will tell.
  4. freki

    freki New Member

    I think Motorola is hiring a lot of people and investing a lot of money into their android program to not put out an Android phone. Has anyone seen the Krave Zn4 (Verizon)? I think with a bit of tweaking this would really be the optimal phone for Motorola to put out with android. Just my .02
  5. Vazguard

    Vazguard Active Member

    I want to see Android run on a Blitz. lol

    Good point though. They probably are making a phone/line of phones.
  6. Eugene

    Eugene New Member

    If they will make a Q like form factor with android I'll buy it, Windows mobile is really the only negative I can find with the Q, Microsoft put too many limits into it to force it to be a desktop companion rather than a desktop replacement that I just can't replace my laptop as much as I'd like to.
  7. elsmacko

    elsmacko New Member

    Hmm...I can use mine to make Word docs and all kinds of theings that I have no intention of doing. TIny 2.5 inch screens don't compare to a 15", and the same goes for everything else. I am not a road warrior and I have access to a PC almost all my entire waking hours :) So no need to go overboard on it, it already does almost everything your PC will do.

    What do you want it to do that it won't? Are you a road warrior or away from PC's for long periods?

    How is Android less constraining and more impowernig? I know it's more challenging to use compare to Winmo, you got to MOUNT your SD card! lol

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