Alltel to offer location callerID

Discussion in 'Alltel' started by oddllama, May 22, 2007.

  1. oddllama

    oddllama New Member

  2. Xian

    Xian New Member

    Well, I think it's crap that it's a paid service. It's not something that's difficult to provide and I think with as much money as I give them every month, they would throw that into the package. But ... everything's negotiable so odds are I'll get the feature and pay nothing for it. Would be handy from time to time but I don't get that many out of state calls anyway so it's definitely not required.
  3. oddllama

    oddllama New Member

    I'll finally know where that telemarketer lives....
  4. eagleram

    eagleram New Member

    thats kinda cool but I use google for that stuff and its free
  5. Bdiddle21

    Bdiddle21 New Member

    Its not negotiable, unless corporate makes it a free service, there is no way to alter prices of any rate plan features, such as text messaging, etc.
  6. da84tona

    da84tona New Member

    I rarely get calls from out of state, so no biggy here. I aint paying 2 bucks for it either. they should offer it for free. I'm with the post above, I give enough money a month.

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