Alltel brothren - other alltel phone ?'s

Discussion in 'Alltel' started by Badfish89, May 30, 2007.

  1. Badfish89

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    Alltel brothren - other alltel phone ?'s

    can anyone give me an opinion on the best phone (not smart phone) available. So pretty much, If you were buying a normal phone which current model would you get? Thanks for the opinions. Could you also say why you like it.
  2. da84tona

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    well if it were still being offered by Alltel I would recommend the Nokia 6255i, that phone was totally tweak-able and open to manipulation, which is what I love to do, and is why I now love my Q.
    But if you don't wanna search for one on ebay and would rather just buy through Alltel, I'd recommend the LG AX8600. I tried this phone for a couple of weeks before I decided to get the Q. basically, aside from a few little quarks, its a very solid phone. it looks slick, and has all the bells and whistles.

    Also, the Samsung Wafer looks pretty interesting. I don't have any personal experience with this phone, but if anyone has, please feel free to chime in. here's a link to its specs.
  3. dhcalva

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    The Moto Razrs and E815 are also both very solid phones. I had a Razr before my Q. :)
  4. eagleram

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    I have had both of these phones.. well my wife had the e815 and i had the razr... the e815 had much better signal than the razr but it couldn't take a 4' drop on the tiled kitchen floor.... e815 rip
  5. Bdiddle21

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    I am a wireless consultant for Alltel now, and the Wafer has its problems, huge problems right now, until a software update is available in our flashing stations, the wafer shouldn't be up high on the list. It has the problem that many samsungs have had, and that is people on other cell phones hear an echo when talking to you, and its really bad. But it will be fixed soon enough, so in a couple months, the wafer would be the way to go, if you don't mind sub-par battery life of less than 3 hours talk time. I would probably go with an LG ax78600, it is now available in Green, Blue, and Silver. And the price just dropped to $49.99 after rebate, from $99.99 after rebate. you will need $149.99 plus tax (and $100 mail in rebate, final $49.99) at time of purchase at a store with a contract renewal or new customer. It will do about anything you would want to do with a phone, including mps, bluetooth, memory card slot, EVDO (high speed internet capable), looks cool, 1.3mp camera/video, large screen, and even has ability to make use of GPS applications that you can subscribe to. If you don't like that one, go with an e815/Razr, both good phones and do about the same things, e815 has longer battery life. Razr/ LG8600 have same battery life of about 3.33hrs, e815 is about 4.33 hrs.

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