all day appt issue

Discussion in 'Windows PC and Moto Q' started by Tony Bag o Donuts, Apr 28, 2008.

  1. all day appt issue

    I have searched and searched and am coming up empty.
    All my all day appointments say 12-12 for the time, but show up as two day appointments. I use papyrus and have the dst updater installed.
    Any ideas?
  2. rainmakerrc

    rainmakerrc New Member

    I briefly had this problem when my office replaced my computer. I installed the DST update on the new computer thinking it would fix it, but no dice. Turns out the new computer was not set to automatically adjust the clock for daylight saving changes under Date and Time Properties.
  3. mike250rs

    mike250rs New Member

    have you tried using 11:59pm instead of midnight(12:00) for ending time?

    not sure if you want to switch to a 24hr clock
  4. I just set it to all day. it doesn't seem like its all appointments though.
    I deleted the re-occurring appts and will redo them.
    Anyway to have the pc overide the phone with wmdc?
  5. mike250rs

    mike250rs New Member

    good question..hopefully sombody that uses a pc can chime in :)
  6. I think I had the wrong build of papyrus installed.. I had 2002/03 and not wm5 according to their support forums.
  7. Guardian

    Guardian Active Member

    I may be out of my league here and it may seem like a useless chime, but I had this problem when I was using my HP iPAQ 6515 and Vista with Outlook 2003. The desktop had the DST patch and I thought great that would fix it but turned out that I needed the DST patch for my HP as well. Once I put the patch on the device too, on the next sync it said something to the effect of an error causing everything to need to be resync and when it did it, all was well.

    Bizarre enough though, a friend with similar setup using Q9c and Vista with 2007 had his problem resolved when he updated the MDC on his desktop and viola the problem poofed away. Not sure if that was something with the sync conduit or what, but it got fixed. So I am not sure if any of this helps you but I can at least say that I have been there and this solved my problem, don't know why or how and how it translates to you.

    good luck though.

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