After overwriting shellres.dll icons are missing!

Discussion in 'HTC HD2' started by besthost, Feb 20, 2010.

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    After overwriting shellres.dll icons are missing!

    Sorry to double the thread if it's already been posted, but I did some searching and found nothing.

    My shellres192.dll was stored in ROM, so I had to do a dump and then replaced the one in windows folder with the new one (with modified "start" icon) copied to my storage card.
    After that, my start, singal and "x" icons are missing. I tried to undo this by overwriting the new shellres192.dll with the "untouched" one from my dump folder.

    In my dump folder I got one folder called shellres192.dll with one .dll file by the same name and one .dll FILE called just the same outside that folder. Both of them have the same size and are NOT signed.

    How can I get my icons back? Is it possible that my ROM dump left out some crucial data?

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