ActiveSync Problem & Alternative

Discussion in 'Windows Phone Software' started by philmie, Aug 15, 2006.

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    Aug 15, 2006
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    ActiveSync Problem & Alternative

    I'm having a major problem installing ActiveSync and I am so frustrated. I cannot find anything that has fixed the problem that I am encountering:

    "The Wizard was interrupted before ActiveSync could be completely installed.

    Your system has not been modified, run set up again."

    This comes up when trying to install v4.2 and v4.1. I am able to install v3.8 but I don't think that is compatible with the Q because it doesn't recognize the device with my USB connection. Anyways, unless anyone has some ideas I was wondering what alternative software is there for syncing my Q and my Windows XP Pro. I just got this phone and am excited about it and can't wait to learn about it more. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Aug 15, 2006
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    This is the error log from the installation if it helps anyone:

    === Logging started: 8/15/2006 12:46:20 ===
    Action 12:46:20: INSTALL.
    Action start 12:46:20: INSTALL.
    Action 12:46:20: ProgramFilesFolder.84E64913_A211_46CE_989A_F72B2ED13CE4.
    Action start 12:46:20: ProgramFilesFolder.84E64913_A211_46CE_989A_F72B2ED13CE4.
    Action ended 12:46:20: ProgramFilesFolder.84E64913_A211_46CE_989A_F72B2ED13CE4. Return value 1.
    Action 12:46:20: CommonFilesFolder.5F492FF1_28AE_4C56_A4D6_B40F4E565FD2.
    Action start 12:46:20: CommonFilesFolder.5F492FF1_28AE_4C56_A4D6_B40F4E565FD2.
    Action ended 12:46:20: CommonFilesFolder.5F492FF1_28AE_4C56_A4D6_B40F4E565FD2. Return value 1.
    Action 12:46:20: ProgramFilesFolder.5F492FF1_28AE_4C56_A4D6_B40F4E565FD2.
    Action start 12:46:20: ProgramFilesFolder.5F492FF1_28AE_4C56_A4D6_B40F4E565FD2.
    Action ended 12:46:20: ProgramFilesFolder.5F492FF1_28AE_4C56_A4D6_B40F4E565FD2. Return value 1.
    Action 12:46:20: ProgramFilesFolder.ABF20C9E_5CD4_4BD2_B054_5DC284CB3BB1.
    Action start 12:46:20: ProgramFilesFolder.ABF20C9E_5CD4_4BD2_B054_5DC284CB3BB1.
    Action ended 12:46:20: ProgramFilesFolder.ABF20C9E_5CD4_4BD2_B054_5DC284CB3BB1. Return value 1.
    Action 12:46:20: CommonFilesFolder.ABF20C9E_5CD4_4BD2_B054_5DC284CB3BB1.
    Action start 12:46:20: CommonFilesFolder.ABF20C9E_5CD4_4BD2_B054_5DC284CB3BB1.
    Action ended 12:46:20: CommonFilesFolder.ABF20C9E_5CD4_4BD2_B054_5DC284CB3BB1. Return value 1.
    Action 12:46:20: ProgramFilesFolder.5D97EC35_F77A_4CC3_8DD1_D7E6DB3D4CD8.
    Action start 12:46:20: ProgramFilesFolder.5D97EC35_F77A_4CC3_8DD1_D7E6DB3D4CD8.
    Action ended 12:46:20: ProgramFilesFolder.5D97EC35_F77A_4CC3_8DD1_D7E6DB3D4CD8. Return value 1.
    Action 12:46:20: SystemFolder.5D97EC35_F77A_4CC3_8DD1_D7E6DB3D4CD8.
    Action start 12:46:20: SystemFolder.5D97EC35_F77A_4CC3_8DD1_D7E6DB3D4CD8.
    Action ended 12:46:20: SystemFolder.5D97EC35_F77A_4CC3_8DD1_D7E6DB3D4CD8. Return value 1.
    Action 12:46:20: SystemFolder.51671372_F8B5_4396_B5E6_A777BE5F4565.
    Action start 12:46:20: SystemFolder.51671372_F8B5_4396_B5E6_A777BE5F4565.
    Action ended 12:46:20: SystemFolder.51671372_F8B5_4396_B5E6_A777BE5F4565. Return value 1.
    Action 12:46:20: ProgramFilesFolder.788A3F37_AE72_4910_BFD2_7FF01F126B3F.
    Action start 12:46:20: ProgramFilesFolder.788A3F37_AE72_4910_BFD2_7FF01F126B3F.
    Action ended 12:46:20: ProgramFilesFolder.788A3F37_AE72_4910_BFD2_7FF01F126B3F. Return value 1.
    Action 12:46:20: ProgramFilesFolder.B9C9B0E8_8B97_4BF1_9A6C_39C366EC8A20.
    Action start 12:46:20: ProgramFilesFolder.B9C9B0E8_8B97_4BF1_9A6C_39C366EC8A20.
    Action ended 12:46:20: ProgramFilesFolder.B9C9B0E8_8B97_4BF1_9A6C_39C366EC8A20. Return value 1.
    Action 12:46:20: SystemFolder.B9C9B0E8_8B97_4BF1_9A6C_39C366EC8A20.
    Action start 12:46:20: SystemFolder.B9C9B0E8_8B97_4BF1_9A6C_39C366EC8A20.
    Action ended 12:46:20: SystemFolder.B9C9B0E8_8B97_4BF1_9A6C_39C366EC8A20. Return value 1.
    Action 12:46:20: ProgramFilesFolder.F7E800F2_E105_49B8_92E3_7402CAEA897A.
    Action start 12:46:20: ProgramFilesFolder.F7E800F2_E105_49B8_92E3_7402CAEA897A.
    Action ended 12:46:20: ProgramFilesFolder.F7E800F2_E105_49B8_92E3_7402CAEA897A. Return value 1.
    Action 12:46:20: SystemFolder.F7E800F2_E105_49B8_92E3_7402CAEA897A.
    Action start 12:46:20: SystemFolder.F7E800F2_E105_49B8_92E3_7402CAEA897A.
    Action ended 12:46:20: SystemFolder.F7E800F2_E105_49B8_92E3_7402CAEA897A. Return value 1.
    Action 12:46:20: WindowsFolder.48F17E76_FD07_4BE3_97CE_1B27523FD30B.
    Action start 12:46:20: WindowsFolder.48F17E76_FD07_4BE3_97CE_1B27523FD30B.
    Action ended 12:46:20: WindowsFolder.48F17E76_FD07_4BE3_97CE_1B27523FD30B. Return value 1.
    Action 12:46:20: ProgramFilesFolder.D95548A9_C14F_4B71_A49C_4A45E1721217.
    Action start 12:46:20: ProgramFilesFolder.D95548A9_C14F_4B71_A49C_4A45E1721217.
    Action ended 12:46:20: ProgramFilesFolder.D95548A9_C14F_4B71_A49C_4A45E1721217. Return value 1.
    Action 12:46:20: WindowsFolder.D95548A9_C14F_4B71_A49C_4A45E1721217.
    Action start 12:46:20: WindowsFolder.D95548A9_C14F_4B71_A49C_4A45E1721217.
    Action ended 12:46:20: WindowsFolder.D95548A9_C14F_4B71_A49C_4A45E1721217. Return value 1.
    Action 12:46:20: ProgramMenuFolder.D95548A9_C14F_4B71_A49C_4A45E1721217.
    Action start 12:46:20: ProgramMenuFolder.D95548A9_C14F_4B71_A49C_4A45E1721217.
    Action ended 12:46:20: ProgramMenuFolder.D95548A9_C14F_4B71_A49C_4A45E1721217. Return value 1.
    Action 12:46:20: ISSetAllUsers.
    Action start 12:46:20: ISSetAllUsers.
    1: InstallShield - ISSetAllUsers (Begin)
    1: Opening Database
    1: {155C87AB-DC29-4CFD-9653-3DB8A8961471} 4.1.9999.0 512
    1: {155C87AB-DC29-4CFD-9653-3DB8A8961471} 4.2.0000.0 2
    1: Closing Database
    1: InstallShield - ISSetAllUsers (End)
    Action ended 12:46:21: ISSetAllUsers. Return value 1.
    Action 12:46:21: CA_SET_LAUNCHONFINISH.
    Action start 12:46:21: CA_SET_LAUNCHONFINISH.
    Action ended 12:46:21: CA_SET_LAUNCHONFINISH. Return value 3.
    Action 12:46:21: SetupCompleteError.
    Action start 12:46:21: SetupCompleteError.
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    Aug 15, 2006
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    OK well I finally found my answer after two days of searching! Apparently I had a non-Windows version of the mapi32.dll file in my system32 folder. I found an original mapi32.dll and everything installed just fine and now after I restart my computer everything should be all good and I can fully enjoy my Q. Here is the link I found incase anyone else comes across this problem:


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