Active Sync vs. Wireless Sync...

Discussion in 'Motorola Q' started by MarcoV, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. MarcoV

    MarcoV New Member

    Active Sync vs. Wireless Sync...

    Okay, I've done a search on this topic and still don't understand the full concept and difference between Active Sync and Wireless Sync.

    Someone told me that with Wireless Sync, I can type something in the Q such as a new contact while out in the field and it will sync with my pc in the office at the same time...Is this true?

    I would appreciate layman's terms. I don't see anything in the Q book...

    Thanks much.
  2. scottjb

    scottjb New Member

    Wireless Sync is VZW's (actually Intellisync's) product to enable you to sync your device over the air (OTA). Basically, it comes in two flavors.
    1. You run a monitor program on your PC to sync updates the between your PC's Outlook data and your handset's POutlook data. You install a client on your PC and on your handset. Data is transferred between the devices via the Wireless Sync server. You use use push (instant update) or timed sync operations (ReadySync).
    2. You enter your PIM data diretly into the Wireless Sync Web client and set it up to collect your email from your POP or IMAP server(s). The WS server will sync directly with your handset either via push or ReadySync.

    ActiveSync is Microsoft's product to sync your PC's Outlook data with your handset's POutlook data. This method usually uses a cable to sync (can also use WiFi or Bluetooth).
    ActiveSync will also sync OTA with an Exchange server and can be timed or instantaneous (push).

    I hope this helps.
  3. djpfine

    djpfine New Member

    Can you mix and match ActiveSync w/ Exchange OTA and Wireless Sync OTA? I'd like to use regular ActiveSync for my work email account, and then setup Gmail via VZW Wireless Sync.
  4. MarcoV

    MarcoV New Member

    Clears the air a bit...Thanks.

    Which option would you think is better? WS or AS?

    I also like djp's question.
  5. scottjb

    scottjb New Member

    I used, and liked, Wireless Sync for a while. Lately, however, there have been some problems. I would received errors, like "folder locked", that prevented the sync operation. Eventually, VZW reset my account and I lost some data. After a few more weeks, it happened again. I stopped using it at that point. I have also read of others having the same problems (at a different Q site, to remain unnamed). At this point, I would not recommend WS.

    I use ActivSync with a cable to my PC. I tried two different hosted exchange accounts and they worked pretty well for syncing wirelessly. Mail2Web has a free one that is somewhat limited--the pay service offers a little more. has a pretty good pay service and offers a free trial--I liked them better than mail2web.
    In the end I didn't feel I needed it bad enough to pay for it.
  6. scottjb

    scottjb New Member

    You can use both if you are not syncing the same items. In your example though, you would be syncing the same items so you would probably have some problems with duplication and/or things not syncing.

    Both ActiveSync and Wireless Sync use the Outlook mail box, so you could not create a new account to separate them.

    You could however, sync your contacts and calendar with ActiveSync and your email with Wireless Sync.
  7. q-rocks

    q-rocks New Member

    I would have to TOTALLY DISAGREE with this statement. WS is the greatest thing since sliced bread (or whatever came before sliced bread). I have been using it for 3 months without any problems whatsoever. No issues, zero, none. I use it for two accounts. For my email at work, with PC monitor on my work PC (syncing with exchange server 2003) and for my personal email through road runner.

    The wireless "push it to me no matter where I am" feature of WS is invaluable. With AS you have to be connected to your PC (cable or bluetooth). With WS you can send and receive email anytime, anywhere on your phone. What could be finer?
  8. scottjb

    scottjb New Member


    I'm glad WS is working out well for you. I did not use WS with the PC Monitor--I used the Web Site/server to collect and store my data. Maybe the process is a little different using the Monitor. I was only communicating my experience and that of some others I've read on other forums.

    Regaridng Activesync, you can use it OTA with an Exchange server, effectively giving you what you have today with WS. If your Exchange server at work supports the OTA feature, you could sync your Q directly with it and bypass the WS mail server completely.
  9. lo-tek

    lo-tek New Member

    Exchange Active Sync which is part of Exchange 2003 and Exchange 2007 will push email to your WM5.0 device anytime anywhere you have a signal. You do not have to be connected for Active Sync to work.
  10. q-rocks

    q-rocks New Member

    Look at the post before yours. I have already been corrected. Now go back to sleep.
  11. tharmsen

    tharmsen New Member

    I've been using Active Sync with my Q since day one (we have Exchange servers at work) and I have no complaints. I can sync my contacts, email and tasks wirelessly without any problems so far.

    I think the Wireless Sync is kind of a crude hack to get your email. I don't like the fact I have to leave it running on a computer somewhere (usually office). I also have the fact that our machines at the office are setup to install XP updates automatically... so when the computer reboots itself at 12am I have to go all the way back into the office to login and get things running again.

    Active Sync works great.
  12. lo-tek

    lo-tek New Member

    Thanks for the warm welcome to the forum.

    My post was not meant to say nya nya you're wrong but meant to point out that EAS works over the air and you do not need a wire to sync. I'd love to go back to sleep but I'm at work ;)
  13. mspence

    mspence New Member

    Alltel has version of sync called office Sync. I have been using it for about a week and it appears to work the same way as the wireless sync. For those that do not have a forward facing email server the office sync works really well. Not only do you get your email, calendar, folder updates, or tasks when you have a Alltell signal, but when you don't have a signal you can check the website and see you sync'd email and calendar.
  14. MarcoV

    MarcoV New Member

    One problem I've encountered now is that my company uses Lotus Notes for email...which sucks, because I have to use WS, but I have a laptop for the road and in order to have emails pushed to my Q, I need a pc to be on 24/7.

    Called my IT people and because my phone is not company provided, they can't push my emails to the Q. I need to have a pc on in the office...arrrrgh! sucks to have to do that.

    Any other alternatives?
  15. Lukkypuppy

    Lukkypuppy New Member

    Wireless Sync

    I have done some major research and scanned this site like there is no tommorrow!
    I did find that YES I can get Wireless Sync on my Q... ONLY if I am a Verizon Customer... Unfortuantly I am with Sprint... so I have no way to wireless sync my outlook email unless I am bluetoothed or tethered to my laptop with a cable...

    So any suggestions or ideas...
  16. burginco

    burginco New Member

    Need help with Active Sync

    My issue is I use active sync on my Q which syncs with Outlook over Exchange. My issue is that I have to leave Outlook open 24/7 in order to receive my email on my Q. Any Advice????
  17. DrQ

    DrQ New Member

    I think Scottjb's post on the previous pg is the answer:

    "two different hosted exchange accounts and they worked pretty well for syncing wirelessly. Mail2Web has a free one that is somewhat limited--the pay service offers a little more. has a pretty good pay service and offers a free trial--I liked them better than mail2web."

    I just cable but I've heard these work.
  18. SloppyGoat

    SloppyGoat New Member

    So basically, if you're company has an Exchange server, wireless sync is pretty much worthless? It's one or the other? I take it wireless sync would be used if you had no exchange server and just wanted to get pop mail? I was wondering if there was any way to set up a separate inbox and sync my gmail, or any other pop accounts I want. I guess not?
  19. Lorin

    Lorin New Member


    Yea I personally dont understand this whole conversation myself. im 15 with a Moto q music9. I was lookin through these forums to see if I could transfer .exe files from my comp to my phone using WS. Is that possible? or anyother files like that. I don't understand WS to well.
  20. rudeboy

    rudeboy New Member

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