A2DP/Bluetooth Stereo clarity?

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    A2DP/Bluetooth Stereo clarity?

    So maybe someone else can help me out here. My primary portable music device is my Q9c. Got the latest version of coreplayer installed with an 8GB card. Along with this, since it is hard to find a set of headphones with a 2.5mm 4 pin jack for stereo and mic AND is wired properly for Motorola's bass-ackwards pinout, I have a stereo bluetooth adapter that allows me to plug in my own headphones and has a mic built into the adapter itself. Connected to this is a nice pair of Skullcandy Ink'd earbuds.

    Now as a preface to this: I have used the BT adapter+earbuds setup with my desktop PC both in Windows with Toshiba's bluetooth stack and in Ubuntu. Both cases the audio quality is great and as far as my fairly good ears can tell there is no difference between feeding the audio over bluetooth and directly jacking in the earbuds to the PC.

    Initially the audio quality was pretty fair. Wasn't as great as the above examples, but definitely enjoyable. For a little while now though it seems the audio quality on my phone has been degrading some. Specifically I am getting clipping-like artifacts where there's real tinny sounding pops like it's all being overdriven. Though I've double checked the same audio files on the PC and they are clear. I've even pre-processed them before sending them to my phone by having them replaygained and the volume directly tuned to that value so they are roughly -10db or so. I've also tweaked coreplayer's EQ many times. volume normalization off, pre-amp lowered, etc..

    Got the stock 'Audio Enhancement' app and the SRS HD app on here. I've even shut both off to no effect (The audio enhancement app I just crank everything to 0). Other than dulling the audio it doesn't change anything.

    Anyone got any possible ideas? Really at a loss. I'd also like not to have to do a hard reset since it'd take me quite some time to get everything as I have it now (GOD how I wish Motorola would have let us do our own custom roms!).


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