8gb microSDHC class 4 now available

Discussion in 'Moto Q 9m' started by xtian63, Oct 29, 2007.

  1. xtian63

    xtian63 New Member

  2. ritterx04

    ritterx04 New Member

    I thought the Q9m was only formatted for the 4GB one though, because thats the one that I have
  3. xtian63

    xtian63 New Member

    hehe read ur manual it says 4gb coz it was the highest available the time Q9m was designed, the manual clearly says up to 32gb as available in the market 4, 6 and 8gbs are now available
  4. Jerdizzle

    Jerdizzle New Member

    Holy jesus mother mary son son of god sweet jesus that's a lot of memory

    (Southpark quote ;))
  5. ritterx04

    ritterx04 New Member

    wow, I didn't realize that. I barely filled up 2gigs with my 4 that I have in there now.. guess I will keep trying
  6. webcrush

    webcrush New Member

    Anyone here got a 6gig working yet? Mine only sees 1.78gb of it.
  7. vApor21

    vApor21 New Member

    so is the moto Q 9m minisd SDHC compatible?
  8. webcrush

    webcrush New Member

    Since the 1st gen Q can easily be made to be, I imagine it is.
  9. xtian63

    xtian63 New Member

    miniSDHC and microSDHC capable :wink:
  10. sic4speed

    sic4speed New Member

    Where are we all now

    Anyone try any of the newer larger cards?

    I really haven't run across too many discussions on the forums... everyone seems to be focusing on the Wi-Fi cards

    Share your Expansion Memory experiences.. Success/ Fail.....what are you using....
  11. carbonguy9

    carbonguy9 New Member

    I'm considering buying the Q9m and would like confirmation the larger cards work. I'd like to replace my broken ipod with a camera phone (only 1.3 megapixels i know), pda (only a smartphone), and media player. The ability to use wireless headphones and internet capabilities with the sd slot are a big plus and up to 32gb storage for music and vids would drive it home.
  12. carbonguy9

    carbonguy9 New Member

    oh yeah came across this while shopping around.

    pretty expensive but the 8gb's seem like they've come down pretty quickly. I guess it's like everything else. once the new version/higher quality/top of the line comes out the lower stuff goes down to more reasonable (what they should cost) prices.
  13. codester3388

    codester3388 New Member

    That wouldn't fit in our phones in the first place. That is a full size SD card. We need miniSD(HC) cards or microSD(HC) cards with the adapter.
  14. carbonguy9

    carbonguy9 New Member

    sorry your right the one next to it in my search was mini-sd, sorry about the mix up.
  15. OceanQ9m

    OceanQ9m New Member

    I just bought my 4gb miniSDHC off ebay. Currently waiting on it. Assuming all will be well as my Q seems to be pretty rock n roll so far. Had to get a new card reader too as per what I've read you need a reader that accepts SDCH. Card and reader set me back about $40 incl shipping.

    And it's a Kingston card. Not a no-name. :)
  16. jasoraso

    jasoraso Member

    I"m using 2.5 gb on a 4 gb Sanddisk MicroSDHC I got from Verizon. It came with a Mini-SD adapter.

    Works great, except I had to get a new card reader for my computer (SDHC compatible).
  17. mshaft21

    mshaft21 New Member

    Has anyone noted a difference between the Class 4 and Class 6 miniSDHC cards? Wondering if it's worth the difference to pay extra for a class 6. If the read and write speeds are the same given the q9m hardware then I'll go for the cheaper one. Thanks, Mike
  18. backof

    backof New Member

    I've been using a 2gb microSD card in my Q9m and just bought a SanDisk 4gb microSDHC card. The card only came with a full SD adapter, not the mini adapter. The phone doesn't seem to recognize the card when I use the mini adapter from my 2gb card. Should that work or do I need to get an adapter for the microSDHC mini adapter?
  19. TreeFrog

    TreeFrog Active Member

    should work fine....I've been using the same adapter from 1-2-4-8GB cards. just keep fiddling with it...turn Q off/on...insert card....fiddle!

    SLUFDRIVER New Member

    Hi, I took the 16GB card from my Q9c and the Q9m has no problem with it. After formating, shows as 14.83GB on either phone. Holds plenty of music and software:smile:!

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