8 Confessions Of A Former Verizon Sales Rep

Discussion in 'Verizon Wireless' started by qnoob, Mar 6, 2007.

  1. qnoob

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    8 Confessions Of A Former Verizon Sales Rep

    8 Confessions Of A Former Verizon Sales Rep

    Interesting read. Try it out yourself.
  2. Pony99CA

    Pony99CA Active Member


    That was kind of interesting, but many of those seem a bit sketchy -- like signing up for things to get a discount and then canceling them the next day. That's kind of like buying a TV for the game and returning it the next day. It may be legal, but it's kind of sleazy.

    It also seemed a bit contradictory to say never sign up for a two-year contract in the first point and then describing how to take advantage of a loyalty credit and NE2 (which require a two-year contact, I believe) in the last point.

    I'll give you a rep boost for the link.

  3. inf3st

    inf3st New Member

    you still get ne2 with 1 year contracts.
  4. Pony99CA

    Pony99CA Active Member

    New Every 2

    I understand that you might get NE2 if you sign a one-year contract, but I thought taking advantage of the NE2 discount required signing a new two-year contract. Have I been wrong?

  5. VTDr0p0ut

    VTDr0p0ut New Member

    No,but you only get $50 for 1 yr, and $100 for a 2yr contract.
  6. Suture

    Suture New Member

    Heh, this was entitled "8 Confessions from a Cingular Sales Rep" on another forum I frequent. Still, some of it was new to me, but I never haggle on cell phones.

    I'm weak.
  7. inf3st

    inf3st New Member

    I never have either but I will start doin it now.
  8. troutseth

    troutseth Guest

    You certainly can haggle on phones, especially if you go into the store because the individual stores get credit for additional services and contracts. I got the new customer price on my Q after 10 months with a Treo. I also got the KRZR for 100 bucks plus the 50 dollar rebate on a second line. To be honest it helps if you have a high level of service, because renewing that service is huge credit for them.

    Also, use the contract renewal to your advantage. I have heard a lot of people complain about the contracts. I actually disagree with the author of the article here. The cancellation fee is 175. I saved more than that on the Q (versus the cost at the time) when I agreed to sign up for a two year extension. If I ever wanted to cancel, I am still ahead of the game. if you agree to renew your contract or use that as a negotiating tactic, you can get full discounts.
  9. imstuner

    imstuner New Member

    I would never sign a 2 year contract. That is where they trap you.
  10. troutseth

    troutseth Guest

    That is your choice and I understand the dislike for contracts. However, if I can save 200 on a phone by signing the contract then even if I cancel and pay the 175 I have saved 25 dollars. Considering that I get a phone every year and do not use there new every two, I have saved about 450 bucks versus the list price for the phones and yet I can cancel anytime for 175. I may be contracted until 2030 but what do I care, I have already paid for the cancellation fee plus an extra 275. I am not saying it is for everyone, but feel free to do the math on your personal phone purchase and use it in negotiations.

    happy hunting

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