5 Cool Social Apps For Windows Phone 7

Discussion in 'Windows Phone Apps and Games' started by Jameswp7, Jan 2, 2011.

  1. Jameswp7

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    Well whatever phone you use but one thing which we have to agree that we love social apps on our phones and it's no wonder new OS WP7 OS already have some cool social apps which you should use on your WP7 Smartphones! Some of them very common and popular on almost all OS. Find some of best apps here:
  2. ajayden

    ajayden Member

    Actually after using a WP7 for almost 2 weeks, I have realized that WP7 doesnot need a facebook app as it is integrated with the OS. I was very quick in downloading the facebook app when I bought the phone. After 2 weeks now, I donot use the app. I use the people hub and ME tile. Thats the simplicity that the OS offers.

    As for Twitter, its just my guess that WP7 will have OS integration for Twitter too in the future.
  3. ninjaap

    ninjaap Moderator

    I agree. I dl'ed FB app out of habit. I still like to see the ability to "like" individual comments (not posts) and to see who "liked" the posts. But that's not really a deal breaker and I usually won't waste my time opening the FB app just to see.

    From the list, I find MSN movies to be more useful than IMDB.
  4. Gonzalo

    Gonzalo Member

    I must be doing something wrong here. I have the HD7 and I set up the FB app since it was already on the phone. However, I'm reading here that most of you are using the People app for FB. When I go to the People hub, I only see updates that were made to Live, not FB. Do I need to set up something to make so FB comments/updates are visible in the People hub? Thanks!
  5. ajayden

    ajayden Member

    You need to go to settings and add a facebook account.
  6. Gonzalo

    Gonzalo Member

    Coll got it. Thanks. i thought it was automatic when you set up the FB app.

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