3 way calling

Discussion in 'Sprint' started by dasistheone, Mar 12, 2007.

  1. dasistheone

    dasistheone New Member

    3 way calling

    This is sort of a newbe question, but i cant figure it out, how do i Make an conference call
  2. tbone1771

    tbone1771 New Member

    Try this, it's straight out of the Sprint Q Manual:
  3. xxnov1xx

    xxnov1xx New Member

    i never get the dial tone when i press the call button what do i do cause im getting pretty frustrated
  4. braxtoq

    braxtoq New Member

    After you connect with the first person you're calling, simply dial the complete number of the third party and hit the green call button, when that connection is made, hit the green call button again to reconnect the first call and all of you are conferenced
  5. Donna G

    Donna G New Member

    These instructions aren't working for me either. When I press Call/Answer with the first caller on the phone, a number starts dialing before I have a chance to enter anything and then I get the message 'cannot complete the call as dialed'. If I hold down press Call/Answer too long I disconnect the first caller. I admit I'm electronically challenged and not very 'teknekal' but the book gives the exact same instructions, so these should be right. Any ideas on what I could be doing wrong?
  6. sherri

    sherri Active Member

    Donna, this is a very old thread, but....if I am reading what braxtoq stated, you should NOT hit the send key until you dial the 2nd number.

    (Call first party, connect with them. Dial second number, then hit the call button. After party #2 picks up, hit the call button again to connect everyone.)

    Hope this helps! Never used it myself...
  7. rudeboy

    rudeboy New Member

  8. Donna G

    Donna G New Member

    Thanks, Sherri! It worked. I'm anxiously awaiting a call from my doctor on biopsy results and wanted to add my husband to the conversation. That's the ticket - don't hit the Call/Answer key until you have dialed #2 and that caller answers.
  9. sherri

    sherri Active Member

    Donna, glad you got it to work. Hope the biopsy results come back ok! My prayers are with you!

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