11 pin USB : compatibility question

Discussion in 'HTC Touch Diamond' started by AlexM, Sep 14, 2008.

  1. AlexM

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    11 pin USB : compatibility question

    I just received a desktop cradle for my new touch diamond, but I see it has standard mini USB (7 pin ??) and not the special 11 pin htc version.

    I believe that this will not work for audio, which uses the extra pins, but is it ok for charging and data transfer?

    Or should I send the item back to ebay seller ...

  2. toenail

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    no need to worry, it will work like a champ
  3. Xtrm302

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    Look again! The HTC (sprint version) has a different design. 1 end is straight. I found out the hard way. My battery got very warm hooked up to pc for file xfer. Not sure why the redesigned the mini usb...lame.
  4. toenail

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    yeah the design is different but a standard miniusb cable still fits.. not a problem at all... i use the charger from my moto when im at work and the htc charger when at home.. also use a regular miniusb for my data transfers as well as activesync.. havent had any problems as of yet
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    Jun 17, 2009
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    I actually just registered to find out if I could use my old Sprint Moto Q data cable with my HTC Touch Pro. I just tried it, holding my breath. It works fine. I'm not sure about any heat issues yet.

    I have an old auto charger for my Q too. Would that be safe to use as well? I'm more nervous about charging than data transfer, I guess.

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