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    Roku-en ("Six yen") from Beautiful Mind Games is an adaptation of the traditional Japanese game where the object is to stack the required number of cards so that every disk fits into a circle of the same color, and to do it as fast as possible.
    • Learn instantly how to play with interactive and entertaining instructions.
    • Chose from a variety of stack sizes.
    • Track your progress over time and post your grades to online leaderboards.
    • Pause and resume the game at any time, or leave it and come back later to complete it.
    • Stuck? Let the computer show you a possible solution.
    • Never play the same game twice - each game is randomly generated and unique.

    Great simple yet challenging game for all ages. Brought to you by the developers of Triangula, Pairanoia, Triomino, Symbolica, and many other popular logic games for Windows and Windows Phone.
    Roku-en is FREE and can be found in the Windows Phone Store.


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