Focus Receives NoDo, Just Not on AT&T

Photo Credit: MobileSyrup

While AT&T Focus users are going to have to wait a little while longer for the official update, it plays out differently in Canada. Rogers has pushed out the NoDo update for the Samsung Focus. In fact, the majority of carriers around the world have. If we look at the international NoDo update status page, the majority of updates are being delivered now. It is only in the United States that there is an issue, thus leaving Focus owners in the US waiting on AT&T to complete their testing. There are only the two phones in the US, on T-Mobile (the Dell Venue Pro and HTC HD7), that are receiving the updates. The speed at which NoDo is being sent out in the US is a rather disappointing situation. Have you got tired of waiting for the update and forced it on to your phone? Let us know in the comments below or in our “Did you get your Windows Phone 7 update” thread in the forums.

Source: MobileSyrup


  1. WheresWinPho says

    No one is posting it (even though I tipped all WinPho blogs) so here is what I discovered. If you slide the predicted text bar to the right after pasting on WP7 the paste icon will appear again. Allowing you to paste the same thing again. Tapping the very left edge of the same bar also brings the button back(this works well for pasting multiple times in a row with many taps to the same area). Have fun!

  2. Chuck Haines says

    I couldn’t wait so I forced the update and man am i glad i did. NoDo makes this phone a lot more useable. I’ve got a focus.

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