Five Xbox LIVE Games For Windows Phone Revealed Through Achievements

That’s right, a total of five Xbox LIVE Windows Phone games have shown up on achievement lists on the Internet. Those five games are Battleship, Mirror’s Edge, Fling, Final Fantasy, and Super Monkey Ball 2: Sakura Edition. Below we have the current information available for each title at the moment, coming soon to Windows Phone.


Three game types: Classic, Salvo and Superweapon. Classic game type is self explanatory, but Salvo matches are a twist on Classic which allow you to fire once from each ship, that hasn’t been sunk, during each turn. Superweapon allows players to unlock new and diverse weapons for use in battle. Multiplayer mode is confirmed, no indication of online/local multiplayer. Half of the achievements involve multiplayer gameplay. Achievements List

Mirror’s Edge

Includes traditional game mode involving jumping and combat, with natural swipe player input. Includes additional social game mode titled Speed Run which sets up a ‘best times’ leaderboard against your friends, even allowing you to post your times on Facebook and more. Speed Run mode also seems to involve a score system based on stars, hence three achievements involving the game mode unlock as you earn more stars. Achievements List


Published by Miniclip, Fling is a simple puzzle game with thousands of different puzzles and four game modes – Free Play, Arcade, Challenge, and Frenzy. Arcade and Frenzy have specific achievements, while all other achievements are not game mode restricted. You can currently experience Fling on the Miniclip websiteAchievements List

Final Fantasy

First traditional RPG Xbox LIVE game to join the Windows Phone library. Is based on the 1987 Famicom/NES version of the game, developed and published by Square Enix. The mobile version is based on the PSP version, bringing enhanced visuals and music over the NES original. Difficulty is more reasonable compared to other versions of the game, but the unlockable Labyrinth of Time increases difficulty while offering the best gear in-game. Considering this game costs $8.99 on iOS, it is expected to cost the maximum on Windows Phone marketplace at $6.99. Achievements are all secret which usually means they are story-based. Complete the game and you should have all the achievements, simple. Achievements List

Super Monkey Ball 2: Sakura Edition

The original Super Monkey Ball on Windows Phone was disappointing to many, especially since it seemed to be a direct iOS port which already had unsolved issues. Super Monkey Ball 2: Sakura Edition is now back and better than the original. At least three minigames included: Monkey Target (fire a monkey at a target), Monkey Golf (18 holes of golf), and Monkey Bowl (ten frames of bowling). Similar to PAC-MAN Kart Rally, Super Monkey Ball 2: Sakura Edition also supports 4-player local WiFi multiplayer. Unfortunately for most achievement hunters, you will have to find fellow Windows Phone users with this game to unlock a single 4-player Monkey Target achievement. If the game does bring true online multiplayer to Windows Phone, the achievement will be much easier. The achievement we are referring to does in fact only say “Complete a game of 4 player Monkey Target,” meaning it may not just mean local WiFi.

SEGA has mentioned Super Monkey Ball 2: Sakura Edition may arrive as early as June on the Windows Phone, for the price of  either $2.99 or $4.99. Achievements List

Which of these five games are you most excited for to be coming to the Windows Phone real soon?

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