First Windows Phone 7 Update To Land February 7?

We’ve been hearing for a while that the first smallish update to Windows Phone 7, codenamed NoDo, is “coming soon” but without any real news as to when it’s meant to arrive. A recent update to Microsoft’s support site has just been put up to deal with “Troubleshooting problems during software update for Windows Phone 7,” the clear implication here that there’s going to be an update soon for people to troubleshoot.

Meanwhile a French WP7 site has been putting out the rumor that the update is due to land on February 7, which certainly seems reasonable. There’s no evidence given to back this up, so we’re not putting any money on it landing then.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a really solid date to give you, so we’re going to keep crossing our fingers for “soon” to actually be, well, soon!

[via WMPU, PocketNow]


  1. Jeff says

    I don’t know if I can take much more. I need it soon! Hopefully there is a little more to the updated than copy and past, and the loading speed fix. I would love to see more APIs available (GPS (not just location), Compass, etc.) and more bluetooth support (SPP mostly).

  2. Joel says

    I couldn’t agree more.. Im beginning to wonder if an update really exists. Haha hopefully when it does arrive, there will be a few extras thrown in that we’ve yet to uncover.

    • RandomAlec says

      I’m sure that is everyone’s hope, but I doubt it seeing how it apparently takes this long just to roll out a speed improvement and copy & paste update. I do believe that that’s all they are updating with this update, they never throw extra things into updates for anything else (ie. PC or Xbox 360 related).

  3. Redux7 says

    Hope this rumor is true.
    Look forward to the updates. Love this OS. Hope Microsoft turns up the heat on their marketing teams. This is one of the best OS.

  4. Daniel says

    Would be nice to get the update already, although I personally will never use the copy-paste feature, ever, but the loading time decrease would be nice to get. Let’s hope for more features.

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