February WP7 Update and NoDo Coming Monday?

ChevronWP7 found Rafael Rivera advises that the February Windows Phone Update will be released on Monday and it will be joined by the NoDo update. Rivera was one of a few ChevronWP7 developers who met with the Windows Phone team last month, so it’s certainly plausible that he has an inside track. NoDo (No Donuts) brings the much needed copy&paste, performance enhancements that include faster app launching and improved search in Marketplace.

NoDo Windows Phone 7 Update

Rivera hasn’t heard anything regarding the supposed Mango delays.



  1. ben says

    Sounds good news but I’ve still not had the update to help with this up date :( I’m on Vodafone UK using a HTC trophy

  2. Christopher Meinck says

    It sounds like both updates will come at the same time. I have a Samsung Focus on AT&T and no update yet. I reached out the source of the story. Hoping to hear back regarding carriers, manufacturer info — let’s hope we all get the update!

  3. Edgar says

    This sounds great! I’m a new wp7 owner but I’ve been following windows phone 7 for a long time. I have Verizon and they won’t be getting wp7 till June so I got another phone line through at&t. I don’t use my Android to much anymore.

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