Facebook WP7 App Passes The Half-Million Mark

As spotted by PocketNow, the Facebook app for Windows Phone 7 now has more than 500,000 monthly users. Right now we’re not sure if this number is the people who installed the dedicated Facebook app, or if it counts all people who link a Facebook account into their People Hub. Around three months ago, this number sat at just over 200,000, so the speed of adoption seems to be pretty steady at around 100,000 per month.

500,000, not a huge number, is it? What do you think? Is this indicative of a healthy or underweight user base? Is 500,000 odd people too few, and shows that Windows Phone 7 is struggling to penetrate the market? Or is it evidence of a small but thriving community? Give us your thoughts in the comments.


  1. Red says

    Its merely the number of folks who have downloaded the app and used it on facebook.

    Since wp7 has a peoples hub, a lot of people dont use it or use the mobile web page.

    It is slow and annoying as an app, they need to improve it.

  2. D says

    I don’t use facebook on my HD7…. Facebook wasn’t really a selling point for me.. I liked the office and music/video hubs….. Everything but facebook sold me

  3. Reginald says

    It would be so awesome if this app were available everywhere, so I wouldn’t have to poke around to be able to find it and then use it. Why isn’t it on GiveMeApps.com or Get Jar, where a lot of people flock to download apps? Come on! Get with it people!

  4. Redux7 says

    Is it just me or is there a serious problem with this app.
    It is horrible. Every time I load it it gives me an unable to connect to FB message prompt.
    This app is pretty much useless to me. I think the only thing left to do it delete it permanently.

    As far as I remember there hasnt yet been an update….BLOWS………Just plain worthless…….hope you sense my discontent…

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