Europe Not Interested In Samsung Focus S – Samsung Promises More Beautiful Devices

Professor Thibault, communicator of all things Windows Phone on the European side of the world, posted about the Samsung Focus S (codenamed Yukon) coming to Europe. Europeans have long questioned the availability of the Samsung Focus S and when it would happen, but Thibault finally gives disappointing news. He claims, from an extremely reliable source, that the majority of European carriers, although interested in the modest Windows Phone platform, claim that the Samsung Focus S is too similar to the Galaxy S2. They claim that the Focus S boasts the same design and for that they do not want to affect the Galaxy S2 market, even though we would prefer the Windows Phone OS.

European carriers remain firm on their decision about not taking in the Samsung Focus S. What did Samsung have to say about the carriers’ denial of their Windows Phone device? Samsung replied with a simple statement to Europeans interested: Samsung has other Windows Phone devices on its roadmap and surely they will have unique designs and should be beautiful.

The devices are only getting better folks!

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