Did Windows Mobile Outsell Windows Phone 7 In Q4?

MobilityDigest raises a very interesting question: did WM6.5 outsell WP7 in Q4? Because we don’t have sale numbers for either, it’s hard to judge, but here’s what we know: Microsoft shipped out 2 million WP7 handsets in that quarter, and not all can be considered sales. In Q2, WM6.5 sold 3,096,400 units, in Q3 it was 2,247,900. If that trend stays true, that would mean around 1.4 million sold in Q4, potentially more than WP7.

Now, the trend may not have continued — Microsoft put a lot of their weight behind WP7 instead of Windows Mobile, but it’s certainly not out of the bounds of reason. The numbers make a certain amount of sense. If true, it would be a major black eye for Microsoft, if their dead platform outsells their shiny new one.


  1. Leandro says

    Dah, how compare windows 6.5 with 7??? WP7 don’t sale in all the world. 6.5 yes.
    Let’s see this when WP7 go to sale in all the world.

    Everybody want to put WP7 down.

    This looks like a Apple “fun”boy. :-)

  2. joel says

    Don’t get me wrong, I love my wp7, I just hope that this platform continues to gain ground.. Would love for wp7 to be a major threat to a couple of OS’ in particular.

  3. deraildoax says

    This is only the first quarter its been out. That wouldn’t be a black eye in my opinion. That’s like laughing that Froyo didn’t out sell Eclair the first whole quarter it was out. This is a long race to Smartphone OS marketshare I don’t out WinPhone out, or even WebOS out yet. They’re bound to have some of the market. However app development is another key area. I love WebOS and Android. However WebOS has only a fraction of the apps that Android does so the functionality and customization aren’t there yet. That’s my same issue with WinPhone no ability to customise. That and the lack of basics like cut and paste or multitasking. But that will get fixed with time. I’m a complex guy and I need a complex OS. If I was simple minded I’d just go Iphone not WinPhone.

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