MicroSD Installation and Voiding Your Warranty

Despite Microsoft warning everyone not to install MicroSDs just yet, everyone (us included) seem keen to add some more storage to their phone. Unfortunately, not every device is easy to get into. The HTC HD7 has the MicroSD slot placed so that in order to swap out the card, you have to remove a screw which has a sticker on it, which voids the warranty. Luckily, there's a way … [Read more...]

Dell Venue Pro, Others Experiencing WiFi Issues

Dell Venue Pro Wifi

According to several reader reports at BGR, Dell Venue Pro users are experiencing trouble connecting to a protected WiFi network. This issue might also be affecting HTC HD7 owners. Reader submissions complain they receive a message stating "your phone couldn't reach the Wi-Fi network". No reports from Samsung Focus owners, myself included. How about you? Having trouble … [Read more...]

What’s Happening With The Dell Venue Pro? [updated]


The Dell Venue Pro is one of the sleekest looking of the WP7 handsets, but we don't have any firm info about when we're meant to be able to buy it. Over the weekend a rumor arrived that you'd be able to buy it direct from Microsoft today and through Dell on November 15, but as of now it's not available in either online store. Visually, the Venue Pro is one of the most … [Read more...]

Dell Swaps Employees Blackberrys for Venue Pro


Dell is planning on moving some 25,000 of their employees off the Blackberry, and into their WP7 offering: the utterly gorgeous Dell Venue Pro. Employees will be invited to swap in their old RIM device in exchange for a shiny new phone, with Android alternatives in the works too. This move away from the venerable Crackberry is a cost-saving measure, designed to save Dell up to … [Read more...]

Comparing All The Windows 7 Phones

Screen shot 2010-10-11 at 3.39.13 PM

Confused about all the models of WP7 phones out there? Bewildered by their different names in different territories? We are to, and thankfully Engadget has come to the rescue, with an amazing table, breaking down all the handsets, who's carrying them, and their key stats. It's an incredibly useful resource for keeping on top of what's what, even with the ones not officially … [Read more...]