Dell Venue Pro Now Available, $99 Ships on December 9

Screen shot 2010-12-01 at 9.34.26 AM

Yesterday we saw the Dell Venue Pro briefly pop up on Dell's site, and now it seems to have returned. You can purchase the phone for $99 for the 8GB version, or $149 for 16GB. The expected ship date is December 9, matching what was predicted. The subsidized price is with a T-Mobile contract for two years, alternatively you can buy the phone outright for $449/$499. As one … [Read more...]

Dell Venue Pro Briefly Surfaces, $149 On Dec 14th?


Dell's tardy (but gorgeous) entry into the world of WP7 has finally popped up again, only to get swiftly pulled down by Dell. The order page had the device going for $149 on a two-year contract, or $499 to buy it outright, and it was meant to come out December 14th. However, since the page has since been removed, this date and price may be subject to change. According to … [Read more...]

Replacement Dell Venue Pros Reported To Have SIM Problems

The initial shipments of the Dell Venue Pro were hit by some pretty bad Wi-Fi problems prompting Dell to recommend users to take their phone back to the store and grab a replacement unit. Unfortunately, it seems that the replacement units have issues of their own: Just wanted to drop a note to you.. I got a call about replacing my Engineering Sample Dell Venue Pro over the … [Read more...]

Dell Responds To Venue Pro Wi-Fi Issues

Dell Venue Pro users are having issues connecting to protected Wi-Fi networks, and Dell has done some research and found the cause: We have confirmed that the Wi-Fi connectivity issue that was reported in blogs like¬†Boy Genius Reportand¬†Ubergizmo resulted from a software glitch during Dell's manufacturing process. The issue affected some of our initial phone shipments and was … [Read more...]