Dell Venue Pro Delayed Until January

Ouch. Yet again, the Dell Venue Pro — arguably the most sexy of the WP7 handsets — has been pushed back. According to Mobility Digest, if you go and check the ship date of your pre-order for the handset, no longer will it say December 15, but instead now it’s been pushed back to the first week of January — so you won’t get it in time for Christmas.

So much for shipping on December 9, huh Dell?

If you pre-ordered the Venue Pro, go check on it quickly, and report back. Has your date changed? Will you still wait for it? Or is this the final straw, and you’re canceling your order?


  1. Mike says

    Ordered mine on the 5th and now it says estimated ship date December 28th. I would imagine someone at Microsoft is calling to have some project manager at Dell fired.

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