Dell Isn’t Ready To Go For Mango According To Microsoft

If you you watched the May 24th keynote, you didn’t miss the list of manufacturers set for Windows Phone, as of now. Those manufacturers include Samsung, LG, HTC, Acer, Fujitsu, Nokia, and ZTE. You would have also noticed that considering the Dell Venue Pro Windows Phone exists, Dell is missing. At first we wondered what was going on with Dell and Microsoft that it seemed Dell had backed out of Windows Phone manufacturing. There wasn’t even any mention of Dell during the keynote either, so it wasn’t simply missing from the presentation slides.

Engadget was first to take action on the matter. They contacted a Microsoft representative which simply stated they had no announcement and to stay tuned for information on Dell devices. Later, their article was updated to include that someone else from Microsoft responded to them about the absent Dell dilemma. Microsoft responded more professionally stating that Dell simply wasn’t ready to implement Mango in their devices. It seems either Dell doesn’t have the proper hardware (or lack thereof) to implement Mango with its release later this year, or they really are just taking it easy for now.

We can’t blame Dell if their reason is a recovery from poor Dell Venue Pro revenue, or something similar. Some of our own readers returned their Dell Venue Pro devices within a week of purchase, claiming it was too large and cumbersome.

Do you mind if Dell doesn’t have devices ready for the Mango release later this year? Let us know in the comments.


  1. John Reese says

    I just ordered a Venue Pro from Dell. Does this mean for the average consumer that in the fall I will not be able to run my device on the latest OS

  2. CGoin says

    I love my DVP.. and would be very upset if Mango wasn’t available on it. As for poor revenue on the DVP.. maybe its because they only sell it on their website. The average customer isnt on these sites they go to the Carriers store (Like T-mobile) or Best Buy, etc.. to look at phones. Since NIETHER carry the darn thing, its not a surprise its not selling well. THere are some issues with the intial phones, but my version came with NoDo and the latest FW release and seems to be working just fine. I love it because there simply isnt another phone on the market like it.. if HTC or Nokia make the same style form factor it would beat the iPhone hands down. Dell did a great job on the design, just a poor job of launching it and selling it.

    • Christopher Meinck says

      From everything I’ve read, it’s a very well manufactured phone. It’s odd they chose to limit their distribution. I’ve had my eye on the AT&T model – still might pull the trigger at some point.

    • Mr. WP7 says

      I couldn’t agree more. My DVP is great, after all updates from Windows and Dell the phone works amazing, looks amazing and feels amazing. You can’t beat a AMOLED & gorilla glass screen. I look forward to Mango and hopefully Dell does a better job of getting their phones out in the market.

  3. Steve C says

    The DVP is a beautiful, well built and highly functional phone. The problem,if there is one, is with Dell’s marketing strategy, see above.
    Much of the blog comments I’ve seen are the usual naysayer ill informed tripe.

  4. says

    I bought 3 DVPs in 12/2010. Love them. There are still occasional lock up issues, but compared to my HTC HD7 work phone, the DVP is far better. The only real disappointment is the camera, for some reason the still pictures (indoors) are always blurry. The HTC does take better still pics.

    The HD Video however, on the DVP is great.

    The screen clarity and brightness is the best on the market, visible in the direct AZ sun.

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