Deal of the Week: Splinter Cell Conviction on sale for $2.99

With Contract Killer now available, along with the surprise release of Lode Runner Classic, it is now time once again for the Xbox LIVE Windows Phone Deal of the Week. This week, we actually see a new game as the Deal of the Week, despite many repeats in the recent months. Until next Tuesday, July 24, 2012, Splinter Cell Conviction is on sale for $2.99. The $2.99 sale price of Splinter Cell Conviction puts you at $2.00 of savings, down from the regular price of $4.99.

Splinter Cell Conviction has been available on the Windows Phone Marketplace since February 23rd, as one of the February Must Have Games. Since then, ratings and reviews on the Windows Phone Marketplace have placed the Xbox LIVE game at a solid 4 out of 5 stars average rating, out of over 300 ratings. That’s not bad at all for being one of the best games on the Windows Phone to this day, including some great controls and a true feel from the Sam Fisher franchise.

A free Xbox LIVE trial is available, in case you need to check out Splinter Cell Conviction to see if the sale is worth your neck-snapping attention.

Download Link: Splinter Cell Conviction™

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