Deal Of The Week: Kinectimals On Sale For $1.99

For $1.00 off, you can now get Xbox LIVE game Kinectimals for $1.99 on the Windows Phone marketplace. If you can’t help but miss your Kinectimals when you’re not home on your Xbox 360 Kinect, the Windows Phone version will rid you of such trauma. With Kinectimals on your Windows Phone you can even unlock five new cubs to meet and play with on your Xbox 360 console. Kinectimals is one of the best Xbox LIVE games on the Windows Phone with great visuals, animations, and new ways to interact with your cubs.

Kinectimals has a 4.5 out of 5 stars average with 479 ratings on the Windows Phone marketplace. No better time to get Kinectimals on your Windows Phone for $1.99! The Deal of the Week sale ends next Tuesday, April 24th. As with all Xbox LIVE games, if you haven’t played Kinectimals on your Windows Phone, a free trial download is available. Regular price of Kinectimals is $2.99.

Download Link: Kinectimals

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