Deal Of The Week: IonBallEX On Sale For $1.99

This week’s Deal of the Week is breakout style game IonBallEX, until March 20, on sale for $1.99 at $1 off regular price ($2.99). As always a sale is a sale, so take advantage if you love brick breaking games. IonBallEX takes the futuristic style on the breakout games you are familiar with; besides the Xbox LIVE achievements and leaderboards, with experience as you progress used to buy upgrades, and very entertaining boss battles, it’s difficult to put down. Out of 134 total marketplace ratings, IonBallEX has an average rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars, if you in fact go by ratings at least. As with all Xbox LIVE games, you can spend a day hitting bricks with a ball with a trial version of IonBallEX, and if you find yourself enjoying it go ahead and purchase for the sale price of $1.99

Download Link: IonBallEX

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