Deal: Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone For $0.01 Through Amazon Wireless

Nokia Lumia 900 4G LTENokia Lumia 900

Amazon Wireless is always a heavy hitting competitor when it comes to handset prices in such a competitive market. At this moment, the Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone is available through Amazon Wireless for only $0.01 (a single penny!).

The $0.01 price applies to all three current available colors, white, black, and cyan. The price is available to new and existing AT&T customers, whether you are adding a line or upgrading. This is a great deal for anyone who has an AT&T two year contract about to expire.

All three Lumia 900 colors are currently in stock through Amazon Wireless, and it is unknown if the price is permanent, so make the purchase if you are interested. You can find a link to each product page on Amazon Wireless below.

Amazon Wireless Product Links: Nokia Lumia 900 (white), Nokia Lumia 900 (black), Nokia Lumia 900 (cyan)

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