Daily Water Intake Application WaterLogger Free For A Limited Time

For the health and fitness aficionados out there, or if you at least care about your daily water intake, WaterLogger is a great application for easy water intake tracking. Available on the Windows Phone free for a limited time (until the end of March), you can download this handy application which allows you to set your water intake goal and mark each time you drink water too. WaterLogger is published by BryckMobile, a fresh new developer in the Windows Phone world. Considering this is their first application,┬ábased on the options and style of their application, it’s evident they know what they are doing. If you have any suggestions for the developer feel free to drop them in the thread on our forums.

Download Link: WaterLogger

Publisher’s Description

We all know that water is absolutely essential for good health. Though, few of us actually take in the amount of water our bodies need to function properly. WaterLogger will help you to set a daily goal and stick to it, remind you to drink, and let you view your recent daily intake totals.

– Easy to use (and keep using)

– Track your daily water intake

– Use ounces (oz) or liters (mL)

– Configurable daily intake goals

– 4 configurable containers for quick updates

– Customizable reminders (start time, end time, frequency)

– Graph your actual vs. goal over time

– Customizable application tiles


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