Clove’s Stock Of Nokia Lumia 900 Delayed Until June 4th

Originally, Clove was set to receive Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone stock by May 16, 2012. Now, to the disappointment of many pre-order customers, Clove’s stock seems to have been delayed until June 4th. In a subtle note posted on the Clove Lumia 900 product page, it states “First stock delayed until week commencing 4th June. Colour variants to be confirmed.”

That’s a shame for Clove, hopefully it is a stock issue with Clove entirely separate from and possible limited stock by Nokia. For those of you who simply want to be notified by Clove when they finally do have Lumia 900 stock available, you can also fill out the notification option on the product page¬†with your email and name.


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