Chickens Can’t Fly Price Drops To $0.99 And Updates With Plenty Of New Content

In a surprising move by Microsoft Studios, or whoever involved, Chickens Can’t Fly has received a price drop to $0.99. The price drop, which seems permanent at the moment, is not the only thing that has been changed with Chickens Can’t Fly.

The Xbox LIVE Windows Phone game Chickens Can’t Fly has been updated to version, and it is loaded with content. Here’s everything you will find with the upgrade:

NEW in 1.1!
• Dive deep in the new Aquarium Laboratory
• Xbox LIVE Multiplayer: Challenge your friends and see who’s better!
• Customize your chicken with new skins
• Unlock Avatar Awards!
• PDLC: The Dojo Laboratory and more skins
• A new ringtone
• Option to change the game’s language manually
• Performance improvements

New content, Xbox LIVE multiplayer, new skins, avatar awards, paid downloadable content, new ringtone, new languages, and performance improvements. Now that’s  how you update a game with big reason. If you decide to purchase Chickens Can’t Fly now, you are definitely getting a great deal. If you have yet to check out Chickens Can’t Fly, of course a free trial version is available for download. More information on the update below, followed by the Windows Phone marketplace download link.

Dive deep underwater in this new laboratory, filled with new obstacles and power-ups. Over the course of 14 new experiments, you’ll have the chance to meet jellyfish, catch squids, get into the Batysphere or use the ‘Finger of Death’.

Finally, after all the waiting, you can now unlock Avatar Awards for your Xbox LIVE avatar.

  • Get the Chicken Helmet by obtaining the Gold medal in 15 experiments. If you already have 15 gold medals, this will unlock when you first start the game.
  • Get the Chicken Slippers by winning an Xbox LIVE Challenge against a friend.
  • Want to spice things up a bit? You can now change how you Chicken looks with the new Chicksie and Diver skins. More skins, such as Vampire, Alien and Knight are available as DLC

Do you want to see how you stack up against you friends? You can now challenge them to a game of Chickens Can’t Fly.

  • Play in one of the three challenge types (Survival Challenge, Icecube Challenge and Time Attack Challenge)
  • See the ‘ghost’ of the challenger
  • Win challenges to rise in the Xbox LIVE Challenges Leaderboards

Unlock a new mini-laboratory, themed around ninjas! Play 10 new experiments and discover new obstacles and power-ups. You will also get the Ninja skin for the Chicken.

Sadly, because of Xbox LIVE restrictions, we were unable to add extra Achievements for this DLC.

Other tweaks

  • Added rewards for finishing levels with more lives 10% bonus score for each life remaining at the end
  • Per popular request, we added a new ringtone with the main theme song
  • Re-balanced some difficult levels, and made them easier
  • Reduced the requirements for Gold medals in some levels that were almost impossible to get (thanks Paul for the great suggestions on these)
  • Fixed performance/framerate issues in some Butchery and Physics levels
  • Made the ‘Hungry, hungry Chicken!’ achievement easier to get by humans
  • Music doesn’t loop anymore between re-starts of the same level, so even if you die quickly, you’ll get to hear all of it
  • Corrected translations (Thanks Mark, Luc, Vicente, Fabio)
  • Streamlined the Trial and added a few ‘demo’ experiments from later laboratories
  • Squashed a few little bugs

Download Link: Chickens Can’t Fly

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