ChevronWP7 Will Not Work On Next Version Of Windows Phone 7

ChevronWP7 developer Chris Walsh, who is currently having a nice fireside chat with Microsoft about jailbreaking and app development, as confirmed that ChevronWP7 will not work on the next update for WP7. The minor update, known as NoDo is rumored to bring copy and paste as well as minor other bug fixes — including the death of Chevron. Over Twitter, Walsh retweeted what a fellow ChevronWP7 developer said:

We verified ChevronWP7 doesn’t work on NoDo.

While we’re sad about ChevronWP7 dying, it has provided the rather nice side effect that the developers have spent the last few days in talks with Microsoft about sideloading and homebrew.


  1. Edris says

    So is the update nodo something you have to download or is it auto on there when you buy it an has there been any word yet on the ringtone thing an can chevron still work anyway is there an down falls to it is it really gone

  2. Suffix^ says

    Damn it, today I had update and chev is dead =[ Guys if anyone know other way how to unlock the phone plz I beg u email me =(

    • Edris says

      I did hear there is still one place to get it but it say use at your own risk they do no hold response for what may or may not happen to your phone but some of the review say it didn’t work an some say it did if you want to know email me

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