Carriers Testing Windows Phone Mango Update

With Microsoft signing off on the RTM of Windows Phone 7.5 Mango, manufacturers can begin final production of new handsets. Another critical step is carrier testings and this is apparently underway according to Paul Laberge from Microsoft Canada.


We are working very hard with both our OEM and carrier partners to make sure that Mango is available to consumers quickly and so far everything is very much on schedule so I’m pretty confident that anyone that wants Mango on their phone will be able to get it in a very reasonable timeframe.
For those of you wondering when Mango will officially launch, there is no one answer as we will be launching Mango via the carriers and each carrier will have its own timeline … The general target we are all looking at globally, however, is later in the 2011 calendar year.

For those of you who cannot wait, you can still update to Mango without being a developer. Just be certain to follow the steps that have you back up your phone. You’ll need to revert back to NoDo in order to receive the official Mango update when it becomes available. You can always find help in our Windows Phone Forums.

Source: MSDN, via WMPowerUser

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