Bug Causing Windows Phone 7 Marketplace, Zune to crash

There appears to be a bug affecting a number of Windows Phone 7 users that causes their phone to freeze when either downloading or searching for an app. One of our members describes the issue here and a number of users have the same issue on Microsoft’s support forums. The only fix as mentioned by Microsoft support is to restart your device. This seems to be a temporary fix. The issue is software related and not tied to specific phone.



  1. Wil says

    I noticed this on my Focus a few days ago and yes a restart is the only fix right now. This happens after about 5 to 10 minutes for me in the MP. Hopefully this will be addressed soon.

  2. Joe s says

    Ok, glad I am not the only one with this issue, I have had to restart my phone 5 times now due to this bug. I can get back to the home screen but when I try to get back to the marketplace I briefly get a “loading” screen and get kicked back to the home screen.Please fix soon Microsoft!

  3. Shoebacca says

    I’ve found that if you keep hitting the back button until it goes no farther, you can reenter Marketplace without a reboot.

  4. James says

    Happens to me all the time on Omnia 7 …. How do they not catch this in testing???
    Come on Microsoft …. Get your act together!!!

  5. MIRKO says


  6. Blewbary says

    This happens to my HTC Surround. I am usually in Marketplace for longer than 10 minutes when it finally crashes. I can’t get back in without turning the phone off and back on. SO annoying!

  7. shakeel says

    On my focus i turned it off n turned it back on it wiped everything i add start all over on reentering my fb and email accounts n i cant get into market place. when i do it tells me i need to delete sum space im out of space. I just got the phone less then hours.

  8. nsp7 says

    Same here with Omnia 7! The phone’s bloody brilliant except for the frequent crashes of the marketplace. Microsoft, I hope you can hear us!

  9. sequoia says

    I keep having this issue with my HTC HD7 its really annoying when will Microsoft have this bug fixed I love the phone but the app market crashing is huge downfall

  10. danyelle says

    I have been having the same problem within the last week. I have been extremely disappointed with this phone. Should have gotten the my-touch instead. Kick myself in the butt everyday.

  11. Richard Tonkin says

    I purchased a win 7 phone in place of my iPhone so I can use my Zune subcription music on the move, but to only get 4 tracks then need to restart is really dissapointing.

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