Browser Speed Test Between iPhone and Windows Phone 7

Israeli site Newsgeek put together this video comparing the performance speed of the browsers on an iPhone 3GS and a developer Samsung WP7 phone. It’s not pretty. Safari Mobile trounces Internet Explorer mobile pretty convincingly. However, all hope is not lost. Keep in mind, this is beta software on a beta OS on beta hardware. I bet that by the time WP7 arrives properly, the browser will be much, much quicker.

Still, that’s poor salve for the sting of a slow browser. Come on, Microsoft, we’re relying on your to fix this, so we won’t be¬†embarrassed¬†by the other smartphones at school. Or, we just wait for Opera Mini to arrive.

[via WMExperts, 1800PocketPC]


  1. Darcy Dugan says

    You need to know that there won’t be any other web browser for Windows Phone 7.

    The reason is that Microsoft refuses to give other browser vendors access to native code programing.

    Internet Explorer is all there will be.

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