Bluefire Security Announces Support for Motorola Q

Bluefire Security Technologies, Inc., one of the leading developers of security solutions for smartphones and wireless devices, today announced it is offering support for the new Motorola Q.

The Motorola Q — which runs Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone Edition software — delivers an uncompromising mobile experience in an all-in- one handheld device that combines the reliability of a great phone, personal productivity capabilities, powerful enterprise connectivity, and entertainment in a thin, stylish design.

“The Motorola Q enables true seamless mobility by liberating users from the constraints of office PCs,” said Mark Komisky, CEO of Bluefire. “But with the freedom to have a PC experience without the PC comes the responsibility of understanding and protecting wireless devices from threats and vulnerabilities.”

A recent survey conducted by Bluefire and online wireless publication FierceWireless indicates that, as more companies use wireless devices like the Motorola Q for sophisticated applications, there is a greater recognition that they are potentially putting sensitive corporate and customer information at greater risk. To offset that risk, Bluefire provides a fully integrated security solution for wireless devices, including firewall, VPN, authentication, encryption, integrity monitoring, logging and central management.

“We are pleased to have Bluefire’s security applications certified for the Motorola Q,” said Christy Wyatt, vice president of ecosystem and market development at Motorola. “The Motorola Q has received positive attention from enterprises; with the addition of Bluefire’s support we will see even broader customer interest.”

“Organizations need to operate with the confidence that while a new generation of wireless devices like the Motorola Q allows employees to e-mail while sitting in an airport lounge or to access critical sales applications on the network while meeting with customers, those applications can be deployed in a secure environment that is part of the IT network infrastructure,” said Komisky.

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