BlackBerry In Freefall Could Land Windows Phone In Third Place

According to StatCounter, the install base for BlackBerry continues on a downward trend. If we’re being honest, it’s a complete freefall, with the percentage dropping from roughly 6 percent to 3-plus percent in week 31 of 2012. During the same timeframe, Windows Phone has seen slow and steady growth – emphasis on slow. The trajectory of BlackBerry coupled with the movement of Windows Phone has these two meeting around November of this year.

Windows Phone market share vs BlackBerry

There was a definite bump, which you have to equate with the launch of the Nokia Lumia 900. With Windows Phone 8 around the corner and current phones not supporting the new update, you have to believe there are a good number of folks on the sideline. With a strong portfolio and some sooner than later ship dates, perhaps in a few months, we’ll be talking about these charts in a completely different fashion. It’s also worth noting that BlackBerry sales are also in a bit of a standstill as the company tries to ship BlackBerry 10.

Source: StatCounter via WPMU

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