Ben Rudolph #smokedbywindowsphone $100 Challenge At CES 2012

If you made it to CES 2012 this year, Ben Rudolph has a $100 challenge for you at the Microsoft Booth from 2 – 6 PM on Tuesday and Wednesday. If you don’t make it on either day, he will also be roaming the streets and show floor to find random victims for the challenge. The challenge puts you, with your non-Windows Phone device, up against a Windows Phone device. Whichever device performs the designated challenge the quickest will be the winner. Word around the Internet and CES is that if you win you get the $100 of course, but if you lose you receive a brand new Windows Phone device. So technically, you can’t lose!

Check out the Windows Phone Blog post by Ben Rudolph for all the fine print.

Think you and your phone are up to the challenge? Follow me on Twitter to find out where I’ll be hosting the challenge at CES. I’ll be at the Microsoft Booth from 2-6pm on Tuesday and Wednesday, but the rest of the time my crew and I will be roaming the city looking for challengers.

And be sure to keep an eye on the Windows Phone & Microsoft Twitter handles – and Facebook pages – for videos of the action, reactions from winners and losers, and whatever other fun stuff we come across at CES.

So polish up your smartphone skills, charge your battery, and bring your lucky charm.  I’ll see you in Vegas!

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