Bank Of America Windows Phone 7 App Previewed

WPCentral has some screenshots of Bank of America’s upcoming WP7 app, which looks to be a solid if uninspired application. It will have the ability to check up on your accounts, pay bills, transfer money, and look for ATMs and branches in your neck of the woods.

If it’s anything like the iOS app, for reasons I don’t understand it won’t be available to users in Washington and Idaho.

You know what’s the killer feature that’s missing from this? Chase Bank’s iOS app lets you take photos of checks to deposit them directly in your account. They’re limited to $1000, but it’s still an incredibly useful feature. How about adding that, BoA? You already have the check scanners on your ATMs, is it really that different?


  1. Giffy says

    As a resident of Washington I can tell you exactly why its not available here. About a decade or two ago BoA bought our local bank SeaFirst. In all that time BoA has yet to merge the two systems because they are cheap and ineffectual. Hence why I moved over to BECU, a local credit union, with a great and easy to use mobile website. No ap required and none of the annoyance that working with BoA brings.

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