Ballmer Talks Windows Phone 7, Missed Generation with Windows Mobile

Speaking at the Worldwide Partner Conference in Washington D.C., Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer admitted the company missed an entire generation of innovation. Ballmer seems confident about Windows Phone 7.

We missed a generation with Windows Mobile,” Ballmer said. “We really did miss almost a release cycle. But Windows Phone 7, which we had a chance to debut at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona earlier this year, has received really quite nice reviews, really quite remarkable reviews. And I think we will give you a set of Windows-based devices which people will be proud to carry at home, and which will really fit and support the kinds of scenarios that enterprise IT is trying to make happen with the phone form factor.”

It’s refreshing to hear a CEO talk about the missteps and how they plan to correct them. In a few months, we shall all see if they can deliver.

via CNET

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