Windows Phone Marketplace Finally Gets A Web Interface

Screen Shot 2011-09-27 at 4.37.57 PM

After far too long of a wait, Microsoft has finally introduced a proper web interface for Windows Phone Marketplace. You can search for apps that you like, and once you find one you're keen on, it'll email a link to your live account, allowing you to grab it on your phone. For now, it appears that this version is Mango only, and if your phone is on an older edition of WP7  you … [Read more...]

How To Force The Mango Update

Don't feel like waiting for Microsoft to roll out the official Mango update on your phone? We've just heard word of a way of forcing the update to happen, courtesy of WPCentral. Now, as always, you do this at your own risk, but it sounds like a number of users around the world have attempted this, and that they've had a great amount of success. Here are the steps, as … [Read more...]

Early Mango Users Won’t Need To Roll Back To NoDo

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If you've been using a dev account to get early access to Mango, good news! You won't have to roll back to NoDo to get access to the official Windows Phone 7.5 release. Over Twitter, Brandon Watson posted: Got a case of the Mondays? Here's a fix: #wpdev folks will roll forward to Mango RTM, & will *not* roll back to NoDo. Thank you engineering. Nice! He then went on to … [Read more...]

ZTE Gets In On The Windows Phone Game With The Tania


It was last May that saw ZTE come on board as an OEM partner for Windows Phone, and here are some of the first shots of their entry into the world of WP. This is the ZTE Tania, which is being shown off at the China International Communications Exhibition 2011. It's the first Chinese Mango powered phone, though the specs aren't anything to write home about. It packs a a 1GHZ … [Read more...]

Windows Phone Sends Location Data Without Permission

Microsoft has been shown to be sending location information to their servers from your phone without bothering to ask permission, a move that's not only in opposition to their claims, but one that could end in a costly lawsuit. This information comes on the back of a lawsuit filed in Seattle that claims Microsoft was doing just that, which the tech giant denied. Hacker … [Read more...]