Amazon, Machinima and Dailymotion All Release Official Windows Phone 7 Applications


If you haven't heard the awesome news yet, Machinima released its official application yesterday February 9, 2011. Along with that, today Amazon has released its own application along with Dailymotion filling in the awesome three of worthy applications to have. All three applications are free and definitely make great use of the WP7 user interface. We warn you if you are going … [Read more...]

No Go for “NoDo” WP7 Update According to Carriers

According to an article just posted on, the now long awaited "NoDo" Windows Phone 7 update won't be released until March 8. claims that according to some sources close to phone carriers the update might have actually released February 7 like many were anxiously awaiting. The catch is that the update only released to carriers and other closed parties only … [Read more...]

Nokia CEO Brutal Memo Leaked and Evidence of Alliance with Microsoft


In a recently closed article developed by Engadget (link), Nokia CEO Stephen Elop sent an "employee only system" memo that leaked onto the Internet. In his memo, he brutally states that Nokia has essentially failed as a company in holding its ground. The big positive from this memo however is he is staying with Nokia and will pick it up from its downfall. How he will do this is … [Read more...]

Graphic Stream Unveils Tower Defense Game for WP7


French developer Graphic Stream has posted a release candidate video for a tower defense game they are developing for the Windows Phone 7 market. The game is called Arcane's Tower Defense and seems to have everything you want in such a game. We warn you, after watching the video at the link above you might have the urge to rush the developer to release the game already. From … [Read more...]

Podcasts Coming to Zune Marketplace on WP7


If there is one huge section missing from the Zune Marketplace on the Windows Phone 7 devices, it's the ability to download or view podcasts on the go. Many apps do exist to pull podcasts from their respective providers, but nothing exists within the integrated Zune Marketplace. Now there seems to be evidence, as provided by French website, that shows possible … [Read more...]