Acer Set To Launch First WP7 Device This Autumn


Aymar de Lencquesaing, Acer's senior corporate VP, detailed a lot of great info about future devices coming within the next year from Acer. The highlight of this interview: Acer's intentions to bring devices into the market that will run on WP7 OS. The earliest Acer WP7 device is said to be released in Autumn of this year according to Lencquesaing. It seems only one device … [Read more...]

Tiger Wireless Offers HTC HD7 On T-Mobile For $9.99


There are plenty of deals at the moment all over the Internet on Windows Phone 7 devices. Here, we have the HTC HD7 for T-Mobile provided by Tiger Wireless ( You can purchase the HTC HD7 for a price of $9.99 for a new T-Mobile account. The purchase also includes free standard shipping via FedEx. The normal value of the HTC HD7 on a new contract is $499.99 so … [Read more...]

Twitter Updates Terms of Service, Developers Held to High Standards


On March 11, Ryan Sarver of Twitter released a statement announcing that Twitter has updated their Terms of Service. Specifically, the changes are directed at development of third party applications (both desktop and mobile) that implement Twitter through APIs and other means. The changes are very much against developers, in a way, as they put Twitter at a position to … [Read more...]

Windows Phone Marketplace Changes & Information

Todd Brix, over at the Windows Phone Developer Blog, posted Tuesday March 8 a whole list of changes, updates and information on the Windows Phone Marketplace. There is information on trial use, Ad Control, the Global Publisher Program, and changes to policies. We will quote a few of the biggest details below, but if you are a developer we urge you to hope on over at the source … [Read more...]

Windows Phone Roadmap Event on May 25


Microsoft is planning a May 25 event in London to further detail the future of Windows Phone and its devices. It is expected that more details will also be revealed about the "Mango" updated expected later this year. Although NoDo is still missing (including it's pre-NoDo update), Microsoft is hard at work on the expected biggest update of this year, referring to "Mango." The … [Read more...]