HTC “Shubert” Windows Phone 7 Scheduled for November T-Mobile Launch


A leaked T-Mobile roadmap points us to a host of Android devices. Also included in the mix is a Windows Phone 7 handset from HTC that is codenamed "Shubert". If everything goes to plan, T-Mobile will get their first Windows Phone 7 device on November 17th. No word on specs just yet, but it's certainly encouraging to see some release dates. AndroidSpin via everything … [Read more...]

HTC planning a number of Windows Phone 7 devices


HTC has been pretty busy of late keeping up with demand for both the Droid Incredible and HTC EVO 4G, both Android devices. While Android has taken off this year, HTC is still betting heavily on Windows Phone 7. The company is reportedly planning 5 HTC branded Windows Phone 7 devices for this year. Right now, we've got a host of code names including Mondrian, Scorpion and … [Read more...]

Microsoft Expects Sales of 30 Million Windows Phone 7 Devices By End of 2011


Despite a resurgence with the announcement of Windows Phone 7, some are claiming Microsoft doesn't have much of chance in the mobile space. Clearly, that's not the thinking in Redmond. In fact, it's quite the opposite as you'll see from the slide below. Based on IDC projections, Microsoft expects to there to be 30 million Windows Phone 7 devices sold by the end of 2011. For … [Read more...]

Windows Phone 7 spotted on Samsung prototype


Windows Phone 7 seems to be showing up on a host of devices, none of which seem to be ready for primetime, at least yet. The latest sighting is Windows Phone 7 spotted on a Samsung prototype. The phone isn't more than a versioned Omnia i8910, but we did get a glimse of Twin Blades, a game by Press Star Studio. The game was completed in one week by one programmer and uses 90 … [Read more...]