Windows Phone Developer Tools Beta Now Available


Good news for devs. Microsoft has released Windows Phone Developer Tools in the form of a beta release. As the Windows Phone Developer Blog states, the release is "a near final version of tools for building applications and games for Windows Phone 7".  The top level items noted are: Microsoft Expression Blend for Windows Phone – Blend is now integrated completely into … [Read more...]

Control Windows Media Center with Meteor for Windows Phone 7

Do you have a home theater PC or use Windows Media Center with any regularity? Then you might want take a look at Meteor, an app that will be available for Windows Phone 7. It's currently in development, but will provide users with the ability to access music, TV, movies and recorded TV on your PC using your Windows Phone 7 device. This happens with the use of a Media Center … [Read more...]

Switchers: iPhone 4 Edition

Let's face it, there is a time when some folks stray from a platform and some of you might be lured into another platform while you wait anxiously for Windows Phone 7. We realize that some of you might *gasp* move to the iPhone 4. We'd like to invite you to check out sister site everythingiCafe. The iPhone forums at everythingiCafe are certainly buzzing right now and it's the … [Read more...]

Windows Phone 7 Developers To Receive Test Hardware Next Month

Developers for Windows Phone 7 have something big to look forward to next month when Microsoft plans to deliver test hardware. This will be a major step towards the holiday release of Windows Phone 7, as it allows developers to test their apps on actual hardware. These test units shouldn't too exciting to non-devs, as they will most likely be non-descript hardware similar to … [Read more...]

Windows Phone 7 Has Enterprise Appeal

While the new UI of Windows Phone 7 is reminiscent of the consumer focused Zune, Microsoft confirmed that new OS still has a focus on Enterprise users. Microsoft is looking to find appeal amongst users who might not find necessary business features in either Apple's iOS or Google's Android. RIM's BlackBerry is enterprise worthy, but the OS is in desperate need of an update. … [Read more...]