BlackBerry In Freefall Could Land Windows Phone In Third Place

Windows Phone market share vs BlackBerry

According to StatCounter, the install base for BlackBerry continues on a downward trend. If we're being honest, it's a complete freefall, with the percentage dropping from roughly 6 percent to 3-plus percent in week 31 of 2012. During the same timeframe, Windows Phone has seen slow and steady growth - emphasis on slow. The trajectory of BlackBerry coupled with the movement of … [Read more...]

Windows Phone 8 SDK Landing Page Up

Windows Phone 8 landing page

At some point in the not so distant future Microsoft will release Windows Phone SDK 8.0 and we suspect it might be around the September 5th event. With the release coming something soon, the planning is well under way and the fruits of which can be seen in the form of a landing page. If you are a developer, you can bookmark the page where it's promised there will be links to … [Read more...]

Windows Phone 8 Event Scheduled for September 5th

Windows Phone 8 event

The first Windows Phone 8 devices have yet to be unveiled, but that's about to change on September 5th. Invitations have just been sent out for a Windows Phone 8 press event, which will take place in NYC on September 5th, doors opening at 9:30 A.M. The event will be hosted by both Microsoft and Nokia, so we could safely presume that we'll see devices from Nokia. Based upon the … [Read more...]

Nokia Lumia 900 Software Update Available

Nokia today announced an update is now available for the Nokia Lumia 900, both in US and Canada. The update is more of maintenance update with some minor feature enhancements. This update brings the following enhancements for US Lumia 900 owners: Flip-to-silence feature Camera performance enhancements Battery performance enhancements Startup sequence … [Read more...]

Box Cloud Based Storage App, Now Available on Windows Phone

Box on Windows Phone

Those in the market for a cloud based storage application should be pleased to hear that Box has released an app for Windows Phone. The company is "betting" that Windows Phone will grab the the number three position among mobile operating systems and has put thrust behind support of the platform, along with support for the upcoming Windows 8 release. Matthew Self, vice … [Read more...]