AT&T Still Testing NoDo Update, Late March Release in Jeopardy

When news broke that NoDo was finally being pushed out, most everyone rushed to their phones or Zune software to see if the update was available on their particular phone. Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 updates are starting to feel awfully similar to Android updates, where software updates are staggered releases. For AT&T customers, likely the bulk of US Windows Phone 7 owners, the NoDo release is not under way. According to Microsoft’s handy “Where’s my phone update?” page, NoDo is still in the testing phase. Once it clears that phase, it moves to scheduling which typically lasts 10 days or less. Today being March 24th, the update will need to be fast tracked in order to meet Microsoft’s latter half of March promise. To date, the word fast and Windows Phone 7 updates don’t exactly go hand in hand.
AT&T NoDo schedule

Credit to Microsoft for clearing things up, but this simply pushes the blame to the carriers. In the end, consumers simply want updates that improve upon the features and stability of their phones. It’s been six months and not a single update. We can only hope that the carriers and Microsoft get on the same page before Mango.

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  1. iSingBass says

    Oh wah, big deal. Of course it’s fun to get updates with shiny new features, but I’m really happy with the platform overall and the steady stream of quality apps (I didn’t say they’re all amazing) is keeping me more than entertained. I’m glad they are taking their time with this to make sure it’s right. The extra work up front will give us a much better stance going forward.

    • iSingBass says

      Thanks for the report, though. It’s also nice to have a clue about when-or-when-not to expect the update. :)

  2. Christopher Meinck says

    Not so many shiny new features in NoDo. What’s troubling is that other carriers are able to get through the testing phase, yet we’re waiting on AT&T. I’ve seen this with webOS also. They were last to release 1.4.5. Of course, nobody is getting 2.0, but that’s another issue.

    How can Apple release an update to iOS and it hits all phones at the same time without issue? That should be the goal for Microsoft.

    I do like the initiative to put up this page. At least customers have a place to get accurate, up to date information on the update.

    • iSingBass says

      Different companies have different standards and expectations. It is truly impossible to test every scenario, but the more coverage the test cases provide, the more certain one can be that problems will be minimal. How far to carry it out is a resources vs. quality tradeoff (this is my job in another industry). I’m guessing that AT&T is spending extra time and money and, yes, taking a chance with our patience as early wp7 users to get this right.
      As for the claim of iPhone updates without issue, look up “iPhone update issues” in a search engine. Then remember who has carried iPhones exclusively until recently.

  3. Will says

    ATT is going to have big problems if it does not relese the update soon.

    If the update does not get released I encourage everyone with an ATT Phone 7 to cancel their contract based on ATT’s breach of it. Don’t just sit back and complain, do something. If everyone starts to canceling their contracts and taking ATT to court over them, they will eventually have to comply because the bad press alone will kill them.

    I will definitely be doing this with my Samsung Focus contract, if the update gets delayed any longer.

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