AT&T Ramps Up Early Upgrade Fee

If you’re on AT&T and eager to get a WP7 phone, but aren’t eligible for an upgrade yet, you’re going to have to fork out a big chunk of change out of pocket. According to BGR, AT&T’s early upgrade fee has jumped from $75 to $200, making it all but prohibitively expensive to upgrade before you’re due to.

The reason for all this? “This change to our exception pricing is necessary to maintain our ability to provide customers with the best selection of devices and maintain our leadership in the Smartphone category.”

I can understand early termination fees, as they stop someone from picking up a subsidized smartphone, and then going onto another network, but this? They’re essentially punishing people who want to stay with AT&T, and want to sign up for an extra two-years of service. With this price, you might as well just buy the phone outright.

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